Two men found guilty of murdering Jam Master Jay following trial

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Vince then joins the team as they comically collude to empty the bank of its reserves, but their plan is immediately foiled when the they discover the safe has already been emptied.

Essay on \u201cChanges\u201d by Tupac Shakur \u2013 Youth VoicesThere are surprise appearances from rapper Rick Ross who ‘schools’ the aspiring entrepreneur on the tools to success, as well as from actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, who plays Vince’s temperamental mother – ready to go to war at the family cookout over macaroni and cheese.

In the prosecutors’ account of the night of the murder, Bryant, a friend of Jordan whom Mizell did not know, entered the front door and let Washington and Jordan in through a locked back fire exit, both armed with handguns, prosecutors said.

Angry after being cut out of a cocaine deal, Jordan — the slain musician’s godson — shot a 40-caliber bullet into Mizell’s head, as Washington held others in the room back at gunpoint, the prosecution says.

Their hits included It’s Tricky, Christmas in Hollis and Run’s House Mizell shot to stardom in the 80s as a member of 1980s hip-hop sensation Run-DMC (pictured in 1985) with Joseph ‘Run’ Simmons and Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniel.

Washington was a childhood friend, and Jordan was Mizell’s godson.  Both men were well known to Mizell, who prosecutors said was killed in a business dispute over a lucrative deal to distribute cocaine in Baltimore.

Along with LL Cool J and Public Enemy, Run-DMC were trailblazers of new-school hip hop, mixing rock elements, aggressive boasting and sociopolitical commentary, and its outgrowth, golden era hip hop, which included eclectic sampling.

But prosecutors say Mizell got involved in the drug trade to support his lifestyle and those close to him, as buzz around the group’s music — hits include ‘It’s Tricky’ and ‘Walk This Way’ — began to fade.

Prosecutors accused Bryant of letting Mizell’s murderers into the musician’s studio, where he was shot dead, but say Bryant was an accomplice to the larger conspiracy, rather than the shooter himself. He will be tried separately in 2026.

All three defendants fled moments later, they said.

Jordan shot him in the head from a few inches away, killing him instantly, prosecutors told the jury. The city and Mizell’s friends offered more than $60,000 in reward money, but witnesses refused to come forward and the case languished Police (pictured at the scene in 2002) identified at least four people in the studio with Mizell, including the two armed gunmen.

Thinking ahead, Vince negotiates with the lead ‘homie’ – actor Myles Bullock – to let the manager go free as long as he promises a $10 million loan for his cereal once the dust settles, to which he agrees.

And now the Compton native has written, produced and starred in the satirical series which mimics the rapper’s life – including wild but often sadly realistic tales of racism, gun violence, riches and of course romance – even though a disclaimer warns it’s ‘a work of fiction’.

Fans will recall the startling impression Vince Staples made as Maurice on Abbott Elementary, playing the love interest of teacher Janine Teagues (Quinta Brunson) and best friend of Gregory Eddie (Tyler James Williams).

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For years two key witnesses Lydia High and Uriel ‘Tony’ Rincon, the latter of whom was shot in the leg the night of the murder, had resisted cooperating with law enforcement, reticence both they and prosecutors ascribed to fear.

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The robbers then lament over their unrealised dreams of a vacation to Tulum, Mexico.

Mizell stood up from a couch to greet his godson.

Tupac: Resurrection (Soundtrack) - Tupac BlogAttorney Michael Hueston, who represents Jordan, worked to poke holes and point out inconsistencies in witness testimony, urging the jury that reasonable doubt as to Jordan and Washington’s involvement in the murder remained.

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