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South Korea develops flexible vertical MicroLED technology

In the past, Micro LED technology faced key problems such as poor device efficiency, low thermal reliability, and insufficient interconnection technology for high-resolution Micro led video wall price displays, so it was not popularized. However, the current Micro LED technology has made new progress.According to foreign media reports, a research team led by Professor Lee Keon Jae from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Professor Daesoo Kim from the Department of Biological Sciences developed a flexible vertical Micro LED (micro light emitting diode) (f-VLEDs) technology.According to the report, the research team designed a new transfer device and fabricated…

by celindawaldo2
July 24, 2024

LED advertising screens have emerged as a powerful tool for brands and businesses looking to capture audience attention, deliver compelling messages, and drive engagement and sales. With their vibrant displays, dynamic content capabilities, and versatility, LED advertising screens offer unique advantages that traditional advertising mediums cannot match. In this article, we’ll explore the power of LED advertising screens and how they can effectively drive engagement and sales for businesses.

Captivating Visual Impact:LED advertising screens deliver captivating visual impact that grabs attention and draws viewers in. With their bright, high-resolution displays and dynamic content capabilities, LED screens stand out in crowded environments and capture the audience's attention instantly. Whether it's a vibrant video ad, eye-catching animation, or dynamic content display, LED screens command attention and create a memorable impression on viewers, increasing brand visibility and recall.Dynamic Content Flexibility:LED advertising screens offer unparalleled flexibility in displaying dynamic content tailored to specific audiences, contexts, and locations. With the ability to showcase a wide range of content formats, including videos, animations, graphics, and…

by celindawaldo2
July 11, 2024


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