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MLBBxAOT MLBBxAOT MENA Champions EG-Server – Third place
Excitement is brewing in the world of mobile gaming as we proudly present the inaugural MENA Community Championship, organized by none other than MAD Esports. This thrilling event marks a significant milestone in the competitive gaming scene, uniting MENA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang enthusiasts for an unforgettable showdown of skill and strategy.

يرجى الأنضمام لسيرفر الديسكورد الخاص بماد ايسبورتس ليتم قبول فريقك

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Third place match

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    Sanctum Island Map

    1:0 0:1 1:0


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MLBBxAOT MLBBxAOT MENA Champions EG-Server – Round 3

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