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How to operate outdoor LED large screen billboards

The outdoor LED large screen is no longer a simple media display platform for outdoor advertising. It can also broadcast news, information and other video wall planar content, forming a new outdoor communication media of public welfare + news + information + advertising. In terms of information, it has a higher value of obtaining information. And these are beyond the reach of traditional outdoor media. Since then, outdoor advertising has galloped in the advertising market as two carriages keeping pace with newspaper advertising, and has become two important forms for advertisers to choose to place outdoor advertising.With the rise of…

by taniarawlings0
July 22, 2024

The world’s brightest Micro LED display panel is about to debut

After Samsung released the 146-inch modular MicroLED TV product "The Wall" at the CES 2018 conference in January this year, many manufacturers have displayed MicroLED products at major exhibitions.At the 2018 International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT 2018) held in April, Taiwanese manufacturers Playnitride and JDC exhibited Micro LED displays. In addition, at the 2018 International Display Conference (Display Week 2018), which just kicked off on May 20, Sweden's leading μLED device manufacturer glō (invested by Google) and Helian Optoelectronics jointly demonstrated the world's brightest Micro LED display panel .The micro LED TV displayed by Samsung at CES 2018 is…

by taniarawlings0
July 11, 2024

Example analysis of various usages of small-pitch LED display screens

As the saying goes: "Only unexpected, nothing impossible", the small-pitch LED display has always been known as the nobleman among the LED displays, and is favored by the market for its high-definition display effect, delicate picture, and infinite possibilities of application expansion. . Let's take the LED display solution created by Shanghai Sansi for Phoenix Media Center as an example to analyze how the current led display manufacturer brand can demonstrate the diverse usage and application value of small-pitch LED displays by virtue of technical strength, product quality and bold creative design. of maximization.Floor tile screen: a "floor" made of…

by taniarawlings0
July 10, 2024


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